Critical Facilities Operation

Plant Operations During Construction

West Coast Air has demonstrated in the past how proper teamwork can safely complete the construction and upgrade of critical facilities with 24/7 operational requirements. We have a long history of performance on these types of projects and are well versed in providing on-going services throughout the construction process to not disrupt vital day to day activities of an occupied fully operational facility. Un-anticipated plant shutdowns are always a concern when working in a central plant.  A task performed without proper planning can create a problem which could potentially shut down vital equipment. Avoiding these situations requires planning and a full understanding of plant operations. Phasing plans and approaches for executing construction and upgrades of a plant involve several discussions and scenario reviews with the design engineers and the plant operators to assure all risks are vetted and protections put in place prior to proceeding with any construction task.  West Coast Air ensures this process is executed and these discussions are had prior to work beginning on any critical facility project we undertake.

CSU San Marcos

Central Pipe Replacement

Grossmont College Main Chiller

Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District

J & D Laboratories

Integration Of Old And New Supplement Manufacturing Equipment

La Mesa Spring Valley Energy Upgrades

La Mesa Spring Valley School District

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