County of Orange Central Utility Facility (CUF) Upgrades

The design of the County’s CUF Upgrade Project was only partially completed when WCA was brought in to assist as the Construction Manager at Risk for this project.  We worked as a team to successfully plot out the phasing of the project prior to the 100% permit plans. This was a critical portion of the project because the phasing requirements insisted on keeping the utility plant online 24 hours a day 7 days a week during construction. The ability to keep the adjacent buildings online with Heating, Cooling, and Electrical power was critical to the success of the project.  In the end, WCA and Jacobs Engineering came up with an alternate plan to operate the chilled water and steam system in parallel to avoid over a million dollars in temporary utilities services.

  • $61,144,835 CM @ Risk Contract
  • Critical Services Requiring 24 Hour Fully Operational Facility During Upgrade
  • Two Gas Fired Turbine Engines
  • 10.4 Megawatts of Electricity
  • 7,000 Tons of Cooling
  • 128,000 Pounds of Steam
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