• Services

At WCAC, we don’t try to be everything to every Owner. We have realized that we are good at certain tasks and focus our efforts within these boundaries. Since our goal is not to be the biggest or most diversified contracting company in the nation, we can remain a firm that addresses Owner’s needs providing benefit from our Principal’s dedication and commitment to assure a smooth evolution of design through construction, start-up and operation.

  • General Construction

    Our streamlined method to general contracting ensures the continual development of the project with first-class management from our well experienced team. We take responsibility for providing all of the material, labor, equipment and services necessary for construction utilizing a combination of our pool of highly specialized subcontractors and work performed by our own forces.

  • HVAC

    WCA has a long history of performance on HVAC projects. We are well experienced in delivering quality and efficiency within limited time frames. A mechanical contractor since inception, West Coast Air brings the latest technology in air handling systems that fit the specific needs of our clients.

  • Lease/Leaseback

    We believe in a collaborative approach between all players. Our seasoned LLB team has an immense amount of experience that helps solve concerns both in program / planning as well as in the field to alleviate unforeseen surprises for our Clients. This is not just “a job” to us, we make your projects our projects, each team members personal commitment is given to our Client, the Design Team, and your Community, bringing immeasurable value to your entire construction program.

  • Co-generation/Power Creation

    We provide cogeneration solutions which utilize a single fuel in a combustion to generate electricity. The heat that is created as a result of the process is captured and recycled to provide hot water or steam for other uses--like heating or cooling for a facility. In addition to eliminating waste and increasing energy production efficiency, WCA’s cogeneration solutions save money and increase the reliability of a given system.

  • K -12 School Modernization & New Construction

    A true school builder since 1962, WCA has a well diverse team that develops schedules that serve as the best use of resources for a project and allows for consistent quality, schedule and budget control without interruption to the learning process.

  • Energy Conservation/Renewables

    WCA actively provides suggestions and implementation of multiple phases of energy efficiency measures specific to client need. Utilizing the latest technological finding, we take pride in the resulting energy conservation and other positive environmental results we can pass on to our clients.

  • BIM Services & 3D Modeling

    In our experience BIM allows for the virtual construction of a building or systems within a construction project before the physical construction occurs. This in turn assists our team in managing the project schedule, project tasks, installation quality and safety. By properly executing a BIM process of discipline coordination and trade shop drawing/detailing, the quantity and value of change orders is significantly reduced over the life of the project.

  • Construction Management

    WCA’s experienced Construction Management team provides a wide range of services to deliver quality results to our clients. Our expertise lies in the successful oversight and administration of the planning, design, and construction process. We provides service and commitment unmatched by other construction management companies in the industry.

  • Design Build/Design Assist

    One entity, one contract, one integrated course of action from preliminary idea through design and construction. We utilize design-build to streamline project delivery.  We integrate the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance developing collaboration and teamwork.

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